Friday, October 16, 2009

surprise surprise

i awakened in the middle of the night (well actually about 10:30) to find eden by my bed...talking to me with a big smile on her face. i was looking up at her in a sleepy stuper wondering why she was so animated. i wondered why she was up after i knew she had gone to bed over an hour ago. she was even dressed. and what was she talking about? she was going on and on about what i do not know. i was definitely in a very sleepy state. then i realized it wasnt eden, was i dreaming? a hologram maybe?
it was emma!
what was she doing here? she is in utah...but wait she's standing right here in front of me.
my brain could not process this information.
come to find out, she and her friend kelsey decided to just drive home for the weekend. just got in the car and started driving. just glad they arrived safely. i guess they saved me all the worry while they were driving for like 10 hours.
then, right as i was figuring out it was her and coming to my senses, barely coming out of my altered state...the phone rings. what? the phone never rings at 10:30. i pick it up (mind you i am still completely sleep drunk and feel as if i am in the twilight zone) is quinn. he casually starts talking to me about the mission tesoro game, offering his condolences (he was actually just rubbing it in-his kids go to mission. i got you figured out, quinn)...emma still standing there by my bedside, big smile on her face...i am still under the covers. i have no idea what i said to quinn, but i think i remember saying i didnt care about the game, and was probably rude. so quinn, if youre out there, i am sorry.
you caught me at a really weird time.
i was in the twilight zone, and your phone call made that experience all the more bizarre.
now i know what it feels like to be on drugs which make you hallucinate.
so, now we have to plan some fun stuff to do and fit it all in with my enrichment night tonight...and i am not a spontaneous person.
at all.

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Karen M said...

I scolded Quinn for calling you after 10pm last night and rubbing in the Mission win(go diablos). I'm glad you took the call in stride and know that we love you!