Monday, November 23, 2009

yearbook editor

so i casually volunteered to put together the boys water polo banquet program. just think mini (or not so mini) water polo yearbook complete with billions of photos and intricate stats. now i am worried about what boy has more photos, and what boy's parents might be upset with the placement of their particular photo (or lack of), and wrong stats and incorrect information about who helped who with what, etc etc. i am so glad it is finally coming to an end. have been working on it and pulling my hair out for WEEKS! one thing for sure, i know my little mac laptop so intimately now. has become my new forever friend, and who knew he (i think it is a "he") was so incredibly multi-talented.
so, today, thank you kinkos for taking this monster off my hands.
and to all the water polo parents who might find a mistake...
get over it.

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gr8apey said... just set yourself up!! there will be at least one parent whose child is not "pictured" enough!!! What a go girl! by the way, what AREN'T you doing right now???!!!