Sunday, November 15, 2009

lots of boys in my house

i was able to pull off a surprise birthday get together for hunter. about 30 kids showed up and only 2 of them were girls (brittany and eden dont count)...cute ones i might add. really i did this so i had an excuse to order 2 of ballparks giant pizzas...and pretty much all of it is gone (why do i love it when kids eat my food?). these cute boys ended up watching "up" (yes, brendans choice...i thought they would want to watch transformers, who knew these big boys would prefer a sappy cartoon), all cuddled on the couch, lots of going back and forth from outside to inside, with the doors wide open, freezing cold in this house...fires roaring both inside and out. one group inside for awhile, then a group huddled by the fireplace outside, then a group upstairs in front of a video game. had to break out every blanket i possess. i think i pulled it off...and he was actually surprised, but didnt have much of a reaction. classic hunter. he just quietly came upstairs while i was staying out of the way, and laid down beside me and hugged me with his big beefy arms, and told me he loved me. felt so good. thats all the thanks i needed. are welcome hunter.


Jack and Melissa said...

There's nothing better in this whole world than those big loving hugs..& you will carry those memories into the eternities. What a tremendous example Hunter is to all of us..give him a big kiss & hug from Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket!

emma johnson said...

i am so relieved there were few/no girls there. lets keep it that way.