Sunday, November 8, 2009

fourth and final day

ten things i learned at SPARK

1. its easy and fun to make new friends.
2. what a cuttlebug is.
3. just how much i love cole slaw.
4. utah isnt so bad.
5. am a real pioneer deep down.
6. that i want a clip it up and ribbon organizer-really bad.
7. i am visual learner. cant follow a pattern for my life.
8. i dont like scrapbooking-at all.
9. how to take a photo on manual.
10. im a woman of worth.


emma johnson said...

too cute...crafty little bffs!

gr8apey said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!! I will call you and get the scoop! and your new friends look like tooo much fun!

meeshw said...

it sounds like you had a great time...I so agree with you on many things...I too felt more confused after I took that photo class and trying to shoot in manual...thanks for sharing about your have a great way with your words...i love reading your posts!!!

Simply said...

Ok, so my comments weren't published, so I'll try again!
I soooo loved meeting you at Spark!! I should have known I'd meet my "kindred spirit" looking at jewelry! You made me "spark" as I felt like I'd known you for years!
Thanks for making my creative retreat even more of a treat by finding a wonderful,new friend!!!!