Friday, November 20, 2009

small space smiles

i dont know about you, but i have a few spots around my yard and my home which are my little favorites. small areas which are perfect. tiny little spaces which make my eyes happy, my heart sing with good design love. granted the areas are few and far between, as i have many areas in my home which i my office which is filled with a stash of boxes, or my entry which is at this very moment, a sterile bare space, just waiting to be adorned and a few chairs and such which need reupholstering.
i have a feeling, however my new velvet drapes will become a little slice of visual heaven.
cant wait to get them hung.

so my little happy spot in my yard is the left entry gate to my backyard. when my friend april, lugged that huge wine barrel over, and we plunked it down amongst the roses and junipers and the rusting mckenzie childs wrought iron bell attached to the wall, we both just sighed with delight and smiled. it was perfect. the best gift anyone could have given me, and now my favorite little
eye feast when i pull into the driveway.
every time i look at that rustic old barrel, my heart sings.

who knew that old thing could cause so much joy?

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gr8apey said...

Ohhhhhh, I'm back in town and that picture just brightened up my day!!! How beautiful does that look????!!! I would sit my beach chair in my drive way and just stare at that!! The bell hanging makes it, though.