Friday, November 6, 2009

beehive state day 2

my brain is filled with all sorts of good information now. had to make a choice between a photo class and an illustrator class...chose the photo class. learned that only real photographers shoot in manual. i must not be one yet, as i am an automatic girl. very confusing all that talk about f-stops, shutter speed and iso mumbo jumbo. i have an old brain for sure. now i wish i had taken the illustrator class...maybe i will just have to come back next time. took an etsy class too. learned about blogging and all that stuff 20 year olds are doing. so fun.
but have come to the realization i am a young person in an old body.
next fun adventure was gurus in provo. i walked in and immediately was drawn to their bulletin board full of all sorts of local events. there was aenon, in living color. got to take that little poster home with me, thanks to the cute cashier man.
ate the best sweet potato fries and cilantro lime pasta ever,
and dined with 2 of emmas darling friends. even splurged on a german chocolate iceberg shake
(emma and i split a small-still HUGE portion-if i lived here I would be HUGE).
so all in all a fun filled day in the beehive state.
and love all the wonderful architecture and old stuff here. and my favorite building in the whole world (and i am assuming EVERYONE has a favorite building), i think, is the welfare square one, just off the freeway, outside of downtown. love the logo with the wheat. makes me happy for some strange reason.

and did i mention that the weather is divine?

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Claudine said...

can't wait to hear about the etsy class - and I think all creative people are young - just their bodies age.... hmmmmm iceberg!