Sunday, November 29, 2009

miss them already

just as i am getting used to the organized chaos, the positive energy, unbridled laughter and mess these two bring...they leave. another trip to the long beach airport at 6am. my life as an emotional roller coaster is alive and well. i will be lost for a day or so. i will hopefully snap out of it by tomorrow and get back on track. however, today i will just sulk, make their beds and pick up after them.
one of the perks of being a mother.


emma johnson said...

i'm sorry i left my room a mess. but could you wash my sheets before i come home for christmas? that would be so great.

gr8apey said...

Oh...i'm sad for you! christmas should keep you nice and busy though! PS. caelum LOVES all of dane's clothes!! asks me every morning if he can wear "dane's shirt"!