Monday, November 30, 2009

bootleg christmas

uh, how hard is it to put christmas lights up?
well, i have learned the hard way this may be a difficult job. our house looks pretty "bootleg" of emma's descriptive words for the lights that are crooked and half hanging off, and of course the strand which only half of it works. and to make matters worse, the guys who put them up, have failed to show up, after many promises to come. so, we are officially the ones with the "bootleg" lights, and this year i was so prepared, had them up BEFORE thanksgiving was even here. all we need now is an old rocking chair on the porch and some beer cans strewn on the lawn...and maybe they should just stay up all year round. yeah, that sounds good.

 so, if you see some old lady on my roof.
that would be me.
call 911 if i go over the edge, please.


Lori said...

Ya, we do bootleg EVERY year. When you're on your roof, wave in my direction. I'm the old lady waving back at you from my roof!

emma johnson said...

i knew there was a reason they were so cheap...

Cortney said...

ahhhh, beer cans on the lawn and haphazardly hung lights... brings back memories of childhood christmases in fresno!!!