Monday, November 2, 2009

sweet thing

so i have been known to listen to doctor radio, a lot. when my kids get in the car, they know they will have to change the station from some physician talking about colon health or abnormal heart rythyms. for some reason i love the stuff. maybe i should have been a doctor...just not in the cards for me. wonder if i could have applied myself enough to even get through, or in for that matter. probably not. next life.
i have so many things i want to do in my next life!
anyway, i was listening to a dietician give her speech about potatoes. she was talking about some glycemic index or make a long story short...we should be eating sweet potatoes instead of the regular spuds. apparently these sweet things have 1/8 the bad stuff regular potatoes have (i think it is carbs).
so literally you can eat 8 times the sweet potato fries!!
music to my ears. worth a provo trip just to feast on guru's sweet potato fries.
so i ventured into pavillions to find the things. actually had to ask the produce guy where they were, cuz i had NO IDEA what a sweet potato looked like. AND, do not get yams...not the same. so i found these lovely beauties, and promptly took them home to bake in the oven (about 350-425 is too hot). peeled them, sliced them and sprinkled them with a little olive oil and sea salt...wonderful. very tasty and even the kids liked them.
AND...this dipping sauce i found is excellent.
my new favorite.
not as good as guru's, but a close second.


Joan said...


I confess to watching shows like Dr. G. Medical Examiner and other medical shows. They're addicting.

emma johnson said...

went to gurus with whit and kels today! are you jealous?? they changed the fries from smooth to crinkle cut. but still yummy. cant wait to see you!!