Tuesday, November 3, 2009

homicide on rue cezanne

this post contains violent images.

as many of you know, southern california is known for its warm weather. this is why my french doors are left open 24/7. dogs come in and out as they want...and so do wild birds.
had a sweet little red breasted thing fly right into a picture window yesterday, then knocked to the floor in a dazed stupor. this bird flew into the wrong house. maggie was right there, quick as a whip to scoop up this poor little bird begging for its life. i came onto the scene after the initial violent capture. my intent was to release this little prisoner and let it fly free.
not happening.
maggie, death grip terrier, was NOT showing any mercy. finally i got her to drop it on the floor, but it was so mortally wounded, i had to do the humane thing and let her finish the job. i guess that makes me the "co-killer". so i stood there in horror as this little bird gasped its last breath of air in this monster of a canine's dirty mouth. so traumatic. ruined my day.
then she proceeded to tear it apart and feast on this little bird.
now i know...maggie is a little twisted.
i am scarred for life.
and forgive me for showing this little birds dead body.
i know, not very respectful.
to the little red breasted bird, forgive me.

just glad i know all the animals go to live with jesus too.
am fully aware He knows about every single creature eaten by my dogs, and can imagine Him with those killers who have since passed away by His side. i bet He is like caesar (but much better) and has all these animals following Him with adoration in their eyes, forgiving each and every dirty deed...and the little red breasted bird is perched on His shoulder...right as rain.

makes me happy.


Lori said...

Aghhhh! Shawna, oh my gosh! I just relived Hammy doing the same thing in my home. The image of bird feet coming out of his mouth still haunts me. I feel your pain, my friend. I feel your pain.

gr8apey said...

hahahahahahaha...i'm sorry but maggie is VERY funny. she probably didn't even think a thing of it. Daisy was chomping away on something the other day, sitting on my couch, happy as a lark. I thought is was a bouncy ball because it seemed a little rubbery. I held out my hand for her to spit it out, and out plopped a very eaten lizard...definitely NOT what I was expecting!!

emma johnson said...

so ladylike, my maggie girl.

Joan said...


We suffered through the Killdeer murders here last summer. It just doesn't get easier.