Friday, November 13, 2009

breakfast at ruth's

my posts are more often than not inspired by the photos i take. i usually have my camera with me 24/7...although i am tempted to buy a little tiny one for my pocket, as lugging around this huge slr becomes a chore in itself.
so when i didnt upload these photos immediately after my little utah trip, they somehow got temporarily forgotten. so here's the late post.
the girls and i met leigh at ruth's diner last week, while i was there for my craft fix. if you havent visited this cute little place in immigration canyon (the sheer location is a treat) you are missing out. very good breakfast grub. and we proceeded to eat a large quantity of cinnamon roll french toast and eggs benedict. loved dining with all the bikers and earthy utah people on a sunday (the mormons were not there-they were in church, where i should have been-but my excuse is i was traveling, had a plane to catch, you know...wink wink).
so next time you are in the beautiful city of salt lake, visit this place. you wont be disappointed.
just go to church first.

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gr8apey said...

i must be really hungry right now...because eggs benedict sounds just toooo good!