Saturday, November 14, 2009

birthday boy

today is hunter's birthday. i am actually up at the same time i was back then, 15 years ago...getting ready to be induced. i was calm and composed. after eden's horrific (with a capital H) birth with absolutely no medication, and lots of tearing (where youre not supposed to tear) and unbelievable pain (on a scale from 1-10...a 20), i told my OB, this time i will NOT be delivering when nature calls. I will NOT wait till my water breaks, and i will NOT repeat history. period. i WILL BE delivered under the beautiful umbrella of an epidural. end of story. not budging on this one. i think he got the message loud and clear. (and he was also probably pretty happy when i didnt return when i was pregnant with dane).

so he scheduled an induction.

i think he probably feared for his life if he didnt.
hunter arrived with no surprises,
and all went as planned. it was wonderful compared to the torture
chamber i had experienced a few years prior
(eden was well worth it though...)

he was darling (isnt that what i am supposed to say?)...although i look back on photos now, and as a newborn he wasnt so darling. he sort of had a abnormally large mouth and was very dark with black swirls of hair all over his head. a cowlick nightmare his little head was. we called him our little mexican baby. and let me just assure you, in case you are wondering...he is mine, all mine, and the blonde guy i live with...he is his too, ok?

anyway, he is a good boy. and he turned out not so dark, (although he gets a mean tan in the summer), and i dont know where the large nutcracker mouth went, but it did not stay. he's adorable and smart and very funny. my gentle giant. he is my helper and the "beast" on the water polo team. he is fun loving and oh so silly. when he was on a summer basketball team, they nicknamed him "sunshine". i know if he was playing today on that team,
that would be his name.
he brings happiness and fun to those around him. he has a tender heart and is a softie.
i love this boy, and am so glad he came to me.
and i am baking him his favorite cakes this morning (yes, i said cakes, plural) as we speak...
texas sheet cake and white strawberry jello poke cake.
love a boy too, who eats my food.

so, happy birthday, big boy.
i love you with all my heart and soul.


Cortney said...

we call roxie our little mexican baby too!!! Happy birthday, hunter!

Jack and Melissa said...

I still envision Hunter running through your house during his "toilet training" sorry to say YEARS Hunter, but that's part of your story. No matter how long it took for you to figure it all out, you were the most adorable, sweet, lovable little man that anyone could wish for. And we're so so glad that you came to be a part of our family--we love you always & forever Hunter, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!