Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thanks to my veteran

i cant believe it is time again to write about my favorite veteran. it seems like just a few months ago i was writing about my dad and his service in the air corp, during world war II, last veterans day. thank goodness i have 2 photos of him in his uniform.
i will have to have him dig up a few more photos for me.

so i have this weird thing that happens to me when i see a man in a uniform. i melt, and sometimes i cry. there is something about the courage, and integrity of the men (and women) who choose to serve in the military.

so to all the veterans out there young and old...thank you for doing what you do. and a special shout out to my dad, who trained many, many pilots (at the ripe old age of 19) who ventured overseas and flew those magnificent b-25's well because they were taught by the finest instructor there was. when i think about it, my dad is an awesome teacher. he is an awesome man, plain and simple.
so thanks dad...for everything.


gr8apey said...

I have to tell you, shawna, that that picture looks like Hunter!!! What a good looking man!

Lori said...

I see Aenon in him. Or I suppose the correct statement would be that I see him in Aenon. It's slight, but it's there.

shawna said...

i love, lori how you are so observant, and you of course know me so well, you know how to spell aenons name. thanks for being my friend.

Jack and Melissa said...

It's funny how you see a little bit of family in Dad's photo..the first thing I see is a little bit of YOU in Dad, which is explains why Aenon resembles him..& then I see a little bit of Shae & Shanna & Jacob..we could go on & on! Lucky for you & our kids that he's a handsome Dad..& our favorite veteran. Love you! Melissa