Saturday, November 7, 2009

beehive state day 3

the site of this fun little "craft convention" i am attending is the 'this is the place' monument. so before i ventured into the fun, i took a little hike by myself up to the actual monument. chills ran through me as i envisioned what these pioneers went through. the incredible strength and courage they had. one of my ancestors, william henrie made this trek. in fact he was one of brigham youngs right hand men.
the spirit spoke to me loud and clear as i stood on that grassy hill.

i changed gears, and drove around to another area and entered into SPARK. so fun and festive. started a conversation with a nice lady who was looking at the same jewelry i we are friends (she's famous too). another woman i met online who said she was coming by herself found me, so i have two friends now. so fun to be in a place where no one knows you. refreshing for some reason. wonder what that says about me? took part in some very interesting demos in old brick buildings complete with antique glass windows and enormous farm tables spread out throughout the space. crafted with a darling lady who will make my daughters wedding dresses...(simply amazing), and met many more very talented women. today we are actually doing more hands on classes.
this is a very interesting concept.
very glad i am here. and who knew i would actually like being out of my element.


Jack and Melissa said...

I think you are finding out that you ARE in your element--just had to dust off some cobwebs in those memory banks in your brain! Just remember all those talented women you are sharing with had to start at the beginning of their journey too. Love you lots & lots Shawna,

Claudine said...

Sounds so fun.. kind of like girls camp with much much better stuff! I bet you rocked on the creative stuff!

Renee said...

I always knew I'd find my "kindred" friend in the jewelry section!!!!! Thanks for becoming a favorite friend soooo quickly!!!
One of the best part of the retreat was meeting you!!!