Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tiggywinkles fix

we have been visiting the mission inn in riverside at christmastime for years now. complete with santa claus, amazing lights, horse drawn carriages, lots of animated elves placed all around and a new little booth in the middle of the esplanade with the best little hot donuts and hot chocolate. then to top it all off, my favorite store in the world, mrs tiggywinkles. a conglomeration of everything cute and unique you can think of, owned by a darling lady whom we know by name, and who wraps the presents in the back as if they were her own. so fun to walk in this store and have her immediately greet you and know who you are. this year, the kids chose names, so they had to scour the store in search of gifts for their siblings. they ended up with separate bags (stashed in the back by ceAnne, she had them all separated and kept track of the whole endeavor, then stuffed them with tissue and tied them up with tulle-im a sucker for a good wrapping job) each full of wonderful, unique goodies. all the while, the kids trying to be secretive about it, hiding things under their coats as they ventured to the counter to hand to ceAnne to put in the proper bag. she was our santa's helper of sorts this year.
a very fun tradition we will continue until she
goes out of business...which will be never.

and chris grant, if you are reading this post, this is what our store would look like.
i'd like to say ours would be better, but i think she's got it nailed.
next time youre in california we gotta go for sure.
 a major dose of fantastic eye candy.


gr8apey said...

first of all how can you go wrong with the name like tiggywinkles?! doesn't get much better than that!!

Chris said...

I called Tiggeywinkels to see if they have a web site and, of NO, so thank you for sharing the great pics and blog note. I have had a vision for years about "my store" I've keep toying with the name,Anomalies:something that deviates from the norm. (that's us)
Anyway, from antiques (must take trips to far away lands to gather unusual stuff, ( yeah baby)tons of handmade things, jewerly, paintings, great food, ect. Maybe we should have a restaurant on top, so they can shop while they're waiting. On,and on and on, my mind spins with fabulous ideas.
I'm so ready. David is off to college and I am ready to begin. Ready or not world, Here I come. You pick the location and I'm ready to move.

claudine said...

oh my... well I know where I'm going next year...