Thursday, December 10, 2009

shells everywhere

my kids love edamame. so good for you too.
apparently if you eat enough of it (and pistachios)
you can keep cancer at bay.
dane can go through a colander full of it in no time.
the nice lady
(who we know well) who owns niko niko
sushi told me how to cook them properly.

place frozen edamame (i buy it at costco)
in pan full of water. as soon as it comes to a boil,
take of heat and drain.
sprinkle generously with kosher sea salt
(the sea salt is key-makes all the difference in the world).


Shanna said...

One of my favorite salts is Maldon sea salt flakes, recommended to me by my chef friend. It's texture makes it best for the final seasoning-- just use generic sea salt if it's going to end up dissolving (like soups and sauces).

Chris said...

I know Cassy like it and I never tried it. I think I'll buy some tomorow and make it your way. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Or Boil With Soy Sauce! Delicious