Friday, December 18, 2009

"i swear he's real"

we have this silly tradition around christmas time...we have this little elf that moves around the house and shows up unannounced in odd places (i know, he is a little creepy). toby immediately found him this morning (you can see maggie is completely disinterested-has found some grout on the floor to lick obsessively-her favorite pastime), sure this was a miniature, living person just sitting there casually on the mirror in his little dorky elf hat. even was able to knock him down (the mirror is over 5 feet tall) and had him in his mouth at one point. needless to say, to save the mirror (and the creepy little red guy),
i had to move mr elf to a safer spot.
what a funny dog.
he even watches tv.
i swear he is half human.

1 comment:

Joan said...

We had several of those scary little elves when I was growing up. Their legs folded up into their arms.

Cute tradition!