Monday, December 21, 2009

easy to please

just bring out one of these blue boxes, and everyone's happy.
day started with french toast, church, then johnson family christmas party complete with white elephant.
and the girls have declared aunt jen as their favorite aunt.
and you should feel pretty special, jen.
and decided that joe and his wife are pretty cute.
and dane found a new best friend who's a girl, AND his cousin...imagine that.
and we were glad we made too much food.
and i realized this house does a party well, can handle 30 people no problem.
and i slept well.


Jack and Melissa said...

Looks like a great Johnson family party...atleast I know who my competition is! Maybe AUNT Melissa's goodie box will bring me back in the running ahead of Aunt Jen...let me know! I love you all!
AUNT Melissa

J Cubed said...

They have GREAT taste and that is all I need to say!! :-) It really should be more than once a year!

emma johnson said...

aunt melissa, don't worry, you are the ultimate favorite. no questions asked!!