Tuesday, December 29, 2009

come together

so, to compliment my lazy day, i concluded it
cuddled on the couch watching a documentary of sorts
on showtime, about the beatles show in vegas, "love".
my favorite part was yoko ono reprimanding the producer of the show
saying (during the last dress rehearsal, like he can really change it now-
why didnt they get her input before the dress rehearsal?),
"come together is not a sleazy song! you have made it a sleazy song!
it is about coming together politically!"
all i can say is, i want to go to vegas now.

want to see this show.
hate vegas and everything about it, but i think i could force
myself to stay at the venician (in the newer wing),
eat at some nice restaurant and take in a show of "love".
who wants to go?

1 comment:

Cortney said...

i have been dying to see this. i am so in!!