Wednesday, December 9, 2009

favorite cookie maker

so when mitzi (craig's assistant and right hand woman, loyal confidant, keeper of the office, etc etc-could not live, let alone function without her) heard we were doing out little stocking project she immediately called and said she wanted to help. i knew she would produce something amazing. and that she did. her famous molasses cookies...all wrapped up in cute little christmas bags. i am positive when these homeless folks taste these, they will think they died and went to heaven. maybe mitzi will even provide the recipe (pretty please?), so i can make them (and all you fellow blog readers too), although just wont taste the same. see, mitzi and her husband used to own a restaurant (a mom and pop place-down home, amazing comfort food), so they really know how to cook. thank you mitzi for supplying the wonderful homemade goods, all wrapped up cute.  you are a doll...and i couldnt live without you either, in case you were wondering. no pressure to stick around managing that crazy office
and keeping that guy on track, you know.


emma johnson said...

can we please start a mitzi smith fan club on facebook?!

Joan said...

I want that cookie recipe. I loooove molasses cookies!