Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so grateful for good friends

well, my little brainstorm of a humanitarian project came to fruition last night, only because of the help and cooperation of my generous and caring friends. the night went without a hitch. went just as i had envisioned and hoped. there was a magic buzz of christmas spirit in this house. a warmth that only comes from good works and good people (and good food). the kids were anxious to help, and got involved in an assembly line (thank you vivian for being the ring leader), and we put 50 stockings together in no time. with everyones generous contributions, those little santa hats turned stockings, were transformed into tidy bundles of love. we even had an ornament making station where claudine supervised a little santas workshop of sorts, complete with glitter stars and sparkly snowflakes. we will attach these little snowy adornments, add some toothpaste april realized she had under her sink and mitzis homemade molasses cookies, and there ya go, a perfect little something to
brighten someone's lonely christmas.

just glad aprils mcdonalds gift certificates showed up. when she went to purchase 50 gift cards, her credit card was denied (i can just see her face when they gave her the news)...because who in their right mind spends a couple hundred dollars at mcdonalds?? fraud for sure!
good thing april, you had other means of payment!

so a big thank you to all of my good friends who made my little project fun and worthwhile. i so appreciate your generosity and willingness to help me pull off this little hairbrain idea of mine.
 for this i am grateful and in awe of the goodness of those who i associate with.
i could not have done it without you.
and april, so sorry you are always the first person i call for help.
one day, you will start screening my calls. ;-)

thank you from the bottom of my heart.


emma johnson said...

aw looks like fun! wish i could have been there :(

Cortney said...

this looks like a lot of fun. great idea. sorry we missed it.

Jack and Melissa said...

Wish I could have been there too--what an incredible service you have
given Shawna! We'd love to see pics of when you deliver these to the shelter..they will be a big hit & definitely bring some joy to the recipients. And that's truly what it's all about...love you!

gr8apey said...

if you EVER stop calling me I will never talk to you again. we were so happy last night when we left and glenn and i both said..."aren't friends wonderful!" ps. dropped off toothpaste with dane...make sure the dogs don't eat it!!