Wednesday, December 2, 2009

hunter's first

water polo banquet over and done with. program (think mini yearbook-34 pages-took HOURS of work on my macbook) was a huge success. didnt even hear about one single mistake...and looks as if i will be doing this little chore for the next 3 years. even got to buy goldfish for the centerpieces. fun for hunter to be recognized and honored for a great season. now he is excited for a letterman jacket. he's got the letter, now all he needs is the jacket. and, i forgot my camera (unbelievable, i know), so this little shot, i stole from facebook. pretty cute bunch of boys, i might add.
they even look good with clothes ON.

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gr8apey said...

OHHHHH...i wanted to see the centerpieces! You now sound like me and the camera issue!