Monday, December 14, 2009

delivery day

the stockings have reached their interim destination, a cute little house in santa ana, turned into an office of sorts bustling with cute young volunteers. one volunteer directed me to this conference room piled high (will be a nightmare to sort-they really needed a larger room) with all sorts of stockings and gift bags (i will have to say, ours were the cutest, but who may i ask is paying any attentions to that...uh, embarrassed to i asked specifics on where my (our) stockings will end up, and was told again that they will be handed out to the homeless after a hot meal is served to them on christmas day. she was also excited about the extra stuff we delivered too...i am positive it will all be put to good use. so, to all of my little christmas helpers, you can pat yourselves on the back and know you have done your good deed for the season. however, if i know you nice folks who helped me, i am sure this is just one of many generous endeavors you are involved in for those less fortunate and in need. 
such great examples to me, every single one of you. 
and you know who you are.

maybe next year we can make this hunter's eagle project...wanna do it again? 

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