Sunday, December 6, 2009

dr suess would be proud

so we pulled out the ginormous artificial tree (nicknamed the "dr suess" tree) which has been up maybe 3 times over the last 9 years. this is mainly because it is a royal pain to put together. however, this year i had a few slaves helping me and eden's organizational skills, so it was WAY easier and WAY more fun. usually, i am putting up the decorations all by myself, cursing to myself the whole time. i admit, i have been known to be scrooge-like. this year was different. i had happy helpers outside putting lights up around the garages, and i had happy helpers inside with this monster of a tree, and the multiple (and i mean multiple) santas which are displayed in the kitchen. what a difference a few extra hands makes (is this why mormons have lots of children?). and we had fun working together. however, i still have a mess on my hands, and cannot find one crucial box of ornaments.
so, hopefully they will continue their slave labor today.
i may have to pay them in food.
i know banana bread works for one of them.
i better preheat the oven.

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Cortney said...

oh no... do i have to have more children so i won't be left to do the christmas decorating all by myself? i guess that's why it is still sitting in bins on my living room floor!!