Thursday, December 3, 2009

new job for toby

this is toby. this is toby watching intently the new fish i am trying to acclimate into the freezing cold fountain water. its his new job, you know. this is toby being very still, just moving his eyes, watching every move of those menacing fish...doesnt want to startle them. very sneaky guy.

oops, this is toby getting a little too close to the pitcher.
so much for trying to get them used to fountain water.
now all he does is stare at the fountain.
all day long. for hours...and hours...and hours. those fish better be worried though,
he has pretty good aim with that big snout of his. he was bred to hunt, you know.

uh-oh... now the trouble maker has come onto the scene. unfortunately, she's not tall enough to do any real damage. lucky for those fish, she's a short girl.
goldfish for dinner, anyone?

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