Friday, December 11, 2009

bright face

my day begins pretty uneventful. very routine. very repetitious.
i wake at 5am (dont even need an alarm clock anymore), make sure eden is up and
going for seminary, venture downstairs
after checking on dane to make sure he hasnt kicked the covers off,
feed the dogs, and find the remote to turn on the
news and listen for the weather, so i can relay
what to wear for the day. i check my email, empty the
dishwasher, make lunches, straighten up the couch,
sometimes put in a load of laundry and enjoy the
quiet and darkness of the morning. my favorite time of day.
at 7am, good morning america comes on.
when hunter was in middle school, he started later, so he
was able to relax in front of the tv for awhile
before it was time to go to school. i know, he should have
been doing something productive, but that was his down time.
when i asked him once what his favorite tv show was, he said, "good morning america".
dane too, if he wakes early will plunk himself down
watching intently...i have often asked if he wants
spongebob or something else, he likes the "news".
i have weird kids, i know. they like the news.
i have watched gma for so long, i was there when charlie gibson
left and now diane sawyer is leaving to take an anchor
job delivering the news in the evening. i think if i could grow
up to be as graceful and diplomatic as her, i would be very happy.
so, i will miss seeing her bright smiley face every morning,
and actually was teary eyed as they were talking
about this being her last show this morning. so if you see me today,
and i am a little down, now you know why.
boy, i need to get a life, for sure.

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Joan said... have an awesome life. I understand completely. I played hookie yesterday and completely enjoyed watching GMA from beginnig to end. I choked up a bit as they bid farewell to Chris.

Charlie has always been one of my favorite people. I was telling husband the other day I really think he means it when he says "And I hope you had a good day."