Wednesday, December 23, 2009

hurty nose

aenon had surgery this morning. corrected a very deviated septum and then fixed some large space of air that wasnt supposed to be there. if you look at this cat scan, you can see it. its the large, oval black spot. feeling pretty good at this point. got really dizzy and lost all the color in her face a few times...when that happens you know she does not feel well...she looks as if shes about to die or for that matter dead. her face turns white-literally. brought her home, got her all tucked in my bed with dane and his favorite toy, watching deal or no deal, eating saltines and a vicodin.
what could be better.

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Jack and Melissa said...

So glad Aenon got this fixed--wishing her a very speedy recovery.
The x-ray is amazing...I guess Aenon could say she had another hole in her head. Sending our best wishes & our love, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket