Saturday, July 25, 2009

too hot to handle

too hot in our house with now 2 air conditioners not working. the bottom floor unit hasnt worked in awhile-too cheap to get the ac man out here to get his gold plated hammer out so he can charge us billions of dollars just because we live behind a stupid gate. hate it. anyhow, have been living with creative fan usage and lots of open windows at night 
(you burglars out there, dont get any ideas.) 
anyway, we decided to get out of the hot house and go to the club pool. a little bit of heaven from the rather large oven we occupy and the bombings in the backyard. my house is a mess, so just ignoring it all and leaving it behind seemed like a good idea. unfortunately we had to return to this furnace disguised as a home. oh well, the ice cream sandwiches and the chatty little boy who was permanently attached to me while in the water made it all good.
maybe we will have to go back today.


Cortney said...

that looks like fun! for a second I thought that you have your inaugural pool party without me!! it's ok, i've regained my composer.

gr8apey said...

ohhhh...carson and max didn't say a word about the air! just shows you how much they care! that water looks heavenly.