Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the power lifter

so this is what you do when the downstairs air conditioner goes out and its hot as you know what and the backyard and pool area 
looks like it was bombed. 
(and not a little bomb, a BIG bomb...)

watch a spongebob marathon

we of course, the multi-taskers we are, have dumbbells just sitting there in front of the tv ready to make our biceps bigger and triceps defined, while paula is showing us how to make cinnamon rolls and some sort of 
delicious main dish 
with 2 cubes of butter and a pint of heavy cream. 

and then when you are all worn out from doing all those crunches and stuff, you plunk yourself down in the recliner. oh, no pants required. boxers will work just fine.

we are so smart... also have the unopened box of "perfect pushups" just waiting for the right time to be opened...been sitting there a few days now. 
not the right time yet. 
have to gear up for these things. 
dont rush us.

as you can see, the dogs are also visibly 
excited about 
watching us pump some iron.

such athletes we are.


Cortney said...


gr8apey said...

haha the box is just like an don't change a thing. besides if you're like us over here...once the box is open you can never find them again. so at least you can just sit and stare at the box.