Sunday, July 5, 2009

sun tea heaven

well, i managed to pick myself up and make some passion sun tea and fresh lemonade, complete with loads of juicy pulp. the mixture is heavenly. similar to what starbucks makes and then charges you an arm and a leg. mine comes pretty cheap, considering the luscious lemons are gathered from 2 glorious trees in my backyard. those trees are dripping with fruit. o wait, that backyard cost a lot of money...nevermind. actually, now that i think about it, every glass of this lemonade is VERY expensive...bummer. 
(my ranting post about my 3rd pool demolition is coming...tomorrow i will explain why my pool is empty AGAIN...another dramatic story).

needless to say, however, i have loads of lemons to share. 

so, here's the recipe:

put teabags in glass pitcher filled with water. i use TAZO passion herbal infusion.
put the pitcher in the direct sun, and wait like a half hour or so. till it becomes a beautiful deep purple a separate container, add fresh lemon juice to a sugar syrup. syrup consists of 1 cup of sugar to about 3-4 cups water. microwave or cook on stovetop to melt sugar. add lemon juice to taste. i add about a cup of lemon juice to this mixture. experiment with this, as some may want it sweeter. cool.

combine lemonade with tea, i do about 1/3 lemonade to 2/3 tea.



Cortney said...

This sounds delicious. I'll have to make it... or you could just bring my some, that would be awesome. Thanks!

gr8apey said...

that does sound reminds me sooo much of my sister-in-law which LIVES on sun tea. She has tried every herbal variety there is...I will have to give her this i need more lemons! pps. glad you are sounding better! how's hunter?