Wednesday, July 29, 2009

life is sweet

usually when i write on this blog, most of the time know what i am going to write...sometimes even have it all planned out in my mind the night before. this blog is serving as my journal of sorts...something i will have printed up and then put on the shelf for my great grandchildren to read someday. i dont write for anyone else, but me...and my kids, and my extended family. just so happens it is public, so you folks can take a peek into my life. i am good with that. not sure how many people read this, but i am aware of a few. hope i keep you entertained.

today my mind is blank. nothing really going on. emma getting ready for italy, early morning departure tomorrow. i am a bit anxious for that. air conditioners still out, and the backyard is still the biggest mess on the planet. have laundry to do, and a closet to sort and clean. must get ready too for a trip to utah taking the kids to efy...lots of mundane mom stuff on the calendar. watering the yard by hand this morning too, as the sprinklers need to be off for the pool work. will unload the dishwasher soon. maybe even vacuum later. dogs are at my feet, sleeping.

so i stumbled upon this photo. when this photo was taken, i had no idea where my life would take me, the journey i would be led on. couldn't even imagine my kids as teenagers, let alone young adults. the thought of college never entered my mind. would never have imagined either, i would have another one. life was good. 

and my mother... she has always been there for me, always around to pick up the pieces. she is a great woman. i hope i possess even a few of her amazing qualities. 

so, loved looking at this old photo, and reminiscing about life when it was simple, uncomplicated and sweet. when i just had little children to look after and playgroup to worry about. when only a few were old enough to even attend school, and the others were left behind to keep me company at home. toddlers with pacifiers and little ones with curious hands. 

maybe that's why i love the nursery kids so much. 

my life continues to be good, just a bit more complicated and dramatic and the children around me no longer fit on my hip. they've gotten way more expensive and their issues, schedules and schoolwork sometimes take on a life of their own. 

wouldn't trade it for anything.


gr8apey said...

beautifully put. sometimes i get so sad looking at old photos...just because time slips so quickly and we don't even know it.

Joan said...

Wonderful post...
My husband always asks where did his little girls go? He's serious too. I look at the pictures I take today of my 14 year old and I can often see the woman she will become and it scares me and delights at the same time.

Cortney said...

Okay, seriously... I am going to have to stop reading your blog if you insist on making me cry, like everyday!!
After the entire salt shaker spilled on the floor, tiny blue hand prints all over my walls from a rogue toddler with a marker and endless whining, I'll have to say I wasn't really feelin' it today. But the thought of them "not being able to fit on my hip anymore" is making me all verklempt!
And I am pretty sure I have a family picture just like that somewhere, where I am the only red head and I have crazy early 90's bangs!!(no offense aenon, you are adorable!) Makes me laugh!

Jared and Katy said...

Shawna...I love this picture you posted because that picture is the Johnson's I remember from Murrieta...I have so many memories with your family....such good times!