Monday, July 27, 2009

toby's upset

so i guess toby is making his feelings known about all of the construction going on in the backyard and all of the fun that is NOT taking place back there...
this big lug of a weimaraner is not shy about conveying his feelings. when he is jealous he tells you, when he is lonely for mom, he pouts and sulks and sometimes tears up books from the bookcase when left alone... he gets a little grumpy when he is sleeping and is not shy about saying, "hey dont touch me."  he is my alarm clock, almost always is waking me up at 5:30am on the dot. he likes to watch animals on tv, cocking his head in such a cute way...he gets really excited when humans put running shoes on...thinks he is going for a walk...and knows exactly when 5pm rolls around too. time for dinner. he can seriously tell time. 
so, i'm not surprised he told us how he felt about the bombing in the backyard....and for those of you who cant really make out what the photo is all about...that is a big poop 
in the bottom of the newly tiled pool. 
craig was the lucky one elected to clean it up.
so thank you toby for relaying your pent up feelings to us. i will cancel your appointment with the doggy psychologist this month. i think you got it off your chest.

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gr8apey said...

hahaha...don't you wish it was that easy!!