Saturday, July 18, 2009

no words to describe...

this may be a cryptic message to those of you innocent, cute bloggers who are kind and considerate, Christian and good natured. but to the evil person out there, and you know who you are... keep looking at our blogs, you are just creating a glorious, detailed record of your malicious deeds. you spend a lot of time on our blogs...multiple times every day? and all of those downloaded photos...what do you do with those, if i may ask? you are powerless and pathetic and did i mention sick? get a job or something. in the meantime, we will go on with our very happy lives and continue to post lots of photos of joyous occasions and meaningful events. too bad you are so miserable. but guess what, you will NOT spread your hate to me or my children. i will not allow it. period. 
so cowardly, psycho blogger, what you gonna do now?

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