Friday, July 3, 2009

death bed

still on my deathbed...although the days are ok, nights are horrible, my voice completely gone...and hunter seems to be coming down with it life really sucks, and i cant even find anything in my aching head worthwhile to blog about except my misery. so sorry fellow blogees, i will find my legs soon. 
on a happy note, my home was filled with teenagers last night while i was quarantined in the cave my head glued to the pillow. i could hear them as they were trying to decide which movie to watch and who was going to "get" to drive to blockbuster. i actually think they both ended up going, driving 2 cars. 
these new drivers will figure it out soon-it is really not that fun to get in a car.
i woke up to teenagers sprawled all over the couch, and even one crumpled up looking very uncomfortable in the recliner, all sound asleep, still in their basketball attire.

love these boys like they are my own (well, one actually is).


a corgi said...

LOL, when they realize how much gas costs and when they have to buy their own gas, they usually learn that its better to let someone else do the driving

sorry you are still under the weather and it is spreading through your household


Joan said...

Hope you're feeling better. I hate being sick!