Friday, July 10, 2009

fabric on steroids

this is what we saw yesterday on our little field trip to los angeles. amazing amounts of fabric, and since i am a fabric addict, this was heaven for me. almost too much to take in. we found incredible deals on all sorts of beautiful linen, and silks. even found a gorgeous heavyweight linen to re cover my craigslist chairs i got for 20 bucks. so all in all, the re upholstery is whats gonna cost me-the fabric and the chairs were mere pennies. emma also found some beautiful puckered fabric for a duvet cover...cost all of 60 bucks, oh for the silk euro covers too. fabric identical to an anthropologie set up she saw online.

found a wonderful silk for elyse's wedding tables and the grand daddy of them all...a BEAUTIFUL, dusty olive green, heavyweight-a textured, gorgeous, patterned chenille (i think thats what it's called) for aprils gargantuan couch. she bought 40 yards of this amazing one of a kind fabric...and when it was all said and done...CHEAP!!

but the highlight of the day, the bacon wrapped hot dog, purchased from a little cart from a little mexican lady who spoke broken english, eaten on the dirty curb, with the gutter water beneath us, discarded soda cans floating by. i think that hot dog was the best thing i have ever eaten in my life. i was super hungry though...and the homemade pico de gallo was the frosting on the cake. 

even found a bead store chock full of rows and rows of beautiful gemstones and polished beads. strands and strands of pearls in all colors. a feast for the eyes for sure. making bracelets today with what we bought. i will have them done soon, april. a little memento from our fun adventure!

so all in all, a very fun day. just LOVE a deal and even a thrill going down a scary stairwell. even if i have to drive to LA to get it. were goin back for more very soon...and the funny thing about this whole trip is that it was inspired by our nail man. nick, the man who meticulously does our nails, all of a sudden starts talking about where to go in LA for "good fabric". we looked at each other like, "how does HE know where to go, AND why does he know about all of these places?" does he in his spare time make clothes or something?


gr8apey said...

hahaha...bless nick!!

Beautiful Spaces, Inside or Out said...

I wanna go on the next trip, too. I hate to go by myself!! Don't you just love the fabric district???