Friday, July 17, 2009

happy continues...

so this is who ran up excitedly to my car window as i pulled up to the curb 
at the long beach airport. 2 happy kids. all smiles.

they jumped in the car, and we hurried to san juan to make it to aenon's hair appointment...thank you michelle for waiting for us and also being the last hairdresser out of there...and by the way, she is the BEST at color. she added beautiful, subtle bits of bright, shiny red to aenon's mane. she has saved her hair numerous times from color mishaps, and makes my gray quietly turn to this woman. if you want her phone number, i will provide!

and these cupcakes were waiting for aenon and mikey in the fridge. what a nice surprise when i opened the door to get the chicken salad out. another emma scrumptious treat. so wonderful to have the chicks all here, under one roof, 
tucked under my wing. 
must be a mom thing. 
and btw, love the hopi boy who tags along. 
he fits right in with the group.
toby even told me he was happy to have her home.