Thursday, July 2, 2009

dog bed

well, still down and out. this is a scene of my life for the last couple of days. living in aenon's room. the dogs love it. instead of following me all day long while i do my household chores and such, they get to just lay around with bed. toby even now thinks i need protection, and growls at anyone who dares get near the sick and afflicted (me). 
love a man who defends his woman.


Cortney said...

if your going to be sick, thats the way to do it!! Hope that you are feeling better soon.

a corgi said...

sorry you are sick; hope you feel better soon; I just found your blog; names of journals intrigue me sometimes so I had to check your name out; then I started reading some of your posts and when you mentioned Saddleback, I stopped to see where you live; we used to live in Laguna Niguel for 2 years; moved out to the Temecula area last year (job change); my son graduated from Dana Hills in 2007; gotta love the beach! its gorgeous there!

I can relate to dogs on the bed; our corgi takes over 90% of our bed

I hope you feel better soon to enjoy some of the holiday weekend