Tuesday, July 14, 2009

opposites attract

i was at hunters basketball game last night. heard the crowd laugh and cheer at him barreling down the court so awkwardly and with such force. i swear he is like a bull running down those crowded streets where the people run for their lives. captivating to watch, and apparently the others in the stands think so too. apparently too, his coach nicknamed him "sunshine". very appropriate for my happy go lucky boy. basketball isnt his sport, he is simply playing for the sheer fun and joy of it all, so his skills are a little crude and raw. however, this makes watching him play all the more entertaining. his best friend max, shown here (no 13) has been playing basketball a long time. his skills are refined, his shots are perfect. in fact he won a game the other day by shooting a beautiful basket for 3 points in the last few seconds. he is a phenomenal player, and fun to watch too, because he DOES know what he's doing. hunter on the other hand is the complete opposite. 
so, way fun to watch these opposites play, especially when the big opposite draws blood and continues to knock his opposing teammates on the floor like bowling pins, all done unintentionally. just call him the "wall". i think he thinks he is playing water polo on the basketball court. 


gr8apey said...

haha...did he hurt someone again?!! not that we should laugh, but really?! who is dumb enough to stand in front of him!!!!! sorry i missed...piano, costco, track drop off. i need a vaca!!

shawna said...

no more blood, i think the time when the opposing player was spewing cups of blood from his mouth was enough. yesterday was just more bowling.

a corgi said...

good for him for getting out there and playing!! good exercise too!