Tuesday, March 30, 2010

where's the bunnies?

easter last year at the lovely provo marriott

the new guys

my favorite

i am certainly in a weird funk. 
cant write (i know major blog slacker) cant even
put the numerous bunnies i have collected over the years
up in my kitchen window in celebration of easter. 
i have all of 2 up, new ones this year, however i do have my favorite
egg and rafia wreaths on the front doors. 
at least i havent died completely. 
and usually am excited to fill 5 easter baskets...this year unfortunately only 3.
(maybe thats the root of my problem-had to mail 2 packages full of goodies to far off places). 
a trip to the mall, waiting in a long line at sees, piling 5 giant foiled rabbits,
5 bags of shiny eggs and butterscotch suckers (and getting lots of stares)
in my little black overflowing basket is typically on my spring to do list...however,
this year target will just have to do. 
and i did buy the big dove bunnies, reeses little bunnies
and of course the yummy hershey marshmallow eggs.
LOVE marshmallow eggs...but of course im not eating ANY this year.
(maybe THIS is the root of my problem-food deprivation).
i may be in a funk, but i do know what good american chocolate is.
who doesnt love reeses?

i will get to taste it in a month.
literally (and you think i am kidding) counting the days.


gr8apey said...

haha...don't feel bad. i just told caelum the easter bunny isn't even coming this year, because we will be in deer valley and i don't want to haul anything up there. bad, bad, mom. i can't wait to hear how this food deprivation is working??

Cortney said...

love the cute pink bunny kid. and i would die for a dove bunny... really.