Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the real deal

visited the coto country club yesterday...
the epitome of orange county housewives here.
we decided they would be bored with our rather mundane lives.
good thing we stayed for nearly 3 hours, eating salmon tacos and
bbq chicken salad, and the birthday girl even had a burger...solved
all the worlds problems with our smart intellect,
seasoned good looks
(well, i speak for myself...i am the oldest one of the bunch)
and witty humor.
just so you know,
we are the real deal...and so glad i have friends
who have birthdays they dont want, lots of kids and real problems,
like washing machines that malfunction,
family members with serious mental disorders and grown
adults who are afraid of mickey mouse and mini vans.
(you just had to be there)
makes me feel normal.
whatever normal is.


gr8apey said...

haha...first of all, where did the pole go? I think that SCREAMS oc housewives! Not sure what i think of that picture...other than they are my favorite people! ps. i still love my washing machines.

Claudine said...

these are the REAL oc housewives, not those plastic, damaged, disfunctional excuses for women plastered on the tv!