Friday, March 19, 2010

monkey love

so glad i have a mother who cares for me enough to send me a brand 
new bundt pan so i wont be poisoned. apparently, the lining of those 
teflon pans is "somewhat" poisonous.
(when you think about is something "somewhat poisonous?)
i baked my famous monkey bread in my 
trusty old bundt pan (the older the better in my opinion) at christmas 
time when they were here...i guess she noticed how beat up it was 
and how we are slowly poisoning ourselves with the non stick coating. 
i do know, if you have birds in your home, you cannot cook with teflon...kills em. 
so i guess i just have to ask the cookware manufacturers...why do you coat cookware 
with a hazardous material? doesnt make a whole lotta sense. 
i do think next time i will buy the regular all-clad 
ones or something shiny and bright. like the old farberware ones i had for 20 years. 
im into old school these days. 

so i get this little box on my doorstep...with a shiny new 
bundt pan inside...along with some cute socks and a quilting 
article from the newspaper in st george.
love my mom.
shes so concientious. 

and i will share my 
AMAZING monkey bread recipe. 
you can thank me later...
after youve gained a couple pounds.

monkey bread
1 bag rhodes frozen dinner rolls
1 small box cook and serve vanilla pudding
1 cup brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon 
1 cube melted butter
optional: chopped nuts or raisins

(prepare at night, before you go to bed)
place frozen rolls in greased bundt pan.
pour melted butter over rolls.
mix dry pudding/brown sugar and cinnamon.
sprinkle over rolls.
place on counter overnight, covered with tea towel.
in the morning, they will be all puffy and raised.
cook at 325 for approximately 20 minutes, or until brown.


Shanna said...

A lot of common chemicals are poorly regulated. Here's some info about Teflon:

shawna said...

thank you shanna!!! i read the article, and now i AM throwing ALL of my old pans out...and maybe thats why my canary died. i kept him in an antique cage, by the little window in my kitchen...thought it was the lead in the old paint on the cage...poor bird was doomed from the start. :-(

he did continue to sing till the end.
what a trooper.

gr8apey said...

I will have to take a look at all my pans now??!! luckily I have no birds...our luck they would be dead for sure! can't WAIT to try this total downfall!

Chelsea said...

there was a thing on Dr. Oz about it. It is dangerous when it is heated without something in it. Like when it is so hot it smokes. I am guilty too.

Joan said...

Hey, that's MY recipe. ;)

We call it bubble bread and only have it on Christmas morning ~ thank goodness!

claudine said...

Looks delicious - I just threw out my old frypan - we are probably toxic! haha

Shanna said...

Sorry about your bird Shawna. Who knows why your canary died... although Teflon is a good candidate.
Chels is right: temperature matters a lot. I still use nonstick but I try to be careful not to heat an empty pan, and to only use it for simmering, boiling water, or cooking eggs on medium or lower. If you're trying to sear or brown something then stainless steel or cast iron gets you better results anyway.
Oh and the monkey bread sounds delicious!

Jen said...

I didn't know that about Teflon. Wow, great excuse for new pans. Thanks!

I copied down your monkey bread recipe. Can't wait to try it. :)