Sunday, March 21, 2010


so this "mormon prom" is commonly called "mormal" too. 
i prefer mormon prom for some reason. 
i equate "mormal" with "normal"....doesnt sit right with me. 

cute brandon was her date,
 he asked her in front of the whole group in young women 
who were gathered for new beginnings....and 
while she was in the middle of a cute, 
handed her a bouquet of flowers and they hugged.
they were darling yesterday...brandons first "dance".

they had a picnic in the park before the dance with about 40 other kids.
complete with gourmet pot luck and bbq chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.
thank you jerry and vivian for pulling all of that together.
what a beautiful day too. 80 degrees as we were pulling into
the parking lot.

and...just glad brandons dad is a cop. made me feel safer for some reason. 
maybe if they needed help during the night he would be there lickety split?
maybe he could give them a police escort on the way home?
maybe he could stand at the door of the dance, with his gun on his hip? 

still need to hear all about it.
and the reality that there was no police escort, or bodyguard needed. 
she IS still asleep. 


Jared and Katy said...

Shawna will you PLEASE let me know where Eden got her dress (and may be her friends dress too)! It is VERY pretty and I'm am going to need a dress like that soon!

Greg Dowden said...

Eden looks beautiful! Holy Cow I'm old! LOL!