Tuesday, March 2, 2010


you know, i dont watch much tv. usually asleep on the couch when anything is on, and if something is on, usually a sporting event or some sort of food or animal show. so i thought i would venture out of my comfort zone and feast my eyes on some sort of popular television show...bad idea.
watched the bachelor.
what a mistake. what a disgusting means of so called entertainment. when you think about it, just a mockery of love and commitment, not to mention the embarrassment those women go through. do they have no self esteem? so i was shaking my head all the way through the laborious 2 hours or so...which seemed like 10. and then he chooses the girl with the cross eyes, very bad bleach job, and black roots no less. well, he is not much better. what an obnoxious, self absorbed, pseudo man (or maybe man-whore is more appropriate).
well, should have known. this is what i get for watching "popular" television.
would have much preferred watching whales migrate or how to make creme brulee.
maybe they are good for each other.
maybe i should go back to bed and try waking up in a better mood.
i know, not being very positive or even very Christian right now.
my rant for the day.


In The Doghouse said...

I REFUSE to watch that show. I can't believe how many people get sucked into "reality" TV. It is anything but real! I could go on a major rant about The Bachelor too, believe me. I think every girl in my YA Branch had something written in their status update today on Facebook about it. That is the scariest part of all.

emma johnson said...

everyone is so upset about the bachelor...i feel so out of the loop. just keep watching the biggest loser mom. most uplifting show on television.

shawna said...

enjoy being out of the loop, emma...and am so glad eden doesnt have any interest in this show either. she says she goes to school and cant relate to what everyone is talking about. all this talk about vienna? vienna who, she says.

gr8apey said...

never saw it and very happy i have NO idea what is being talked about too!!

THE PATES said...

DITTO on every word you said! You summed things up perfectly! Can't believe we watch these shows for "entertainment?" Yuck.

xo Steph

Jack and Melissa said...

This show sounds like it was a form of torture..I'll stick with my hoarders & intervention shows forever!! Whatever happened to shows like "Mork & Mindy"?? Now that's reality! lol Melissa