Monday, March 8, 2010


yay for sandra bullock. 
i like her. 
i really liked her in the blindside. 
one of those feel good movies. 
lately, thats the only kind i will see. 

so probably the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me, 
was when my dad called after seeing the movie 
and said her character reminded him of me. 
made my heart melt...and i have a pretty awesome dad 
who not only thinks those things, but says them out loud. 

way to make my day, dad...even if you are a little biased.


emma johnson said...

haha you would adopt a large black man. i can see it now.

Tera said...

I LOVED that movie. We just barely saw it this last Saturday night (probably barely made it before it left the theaters). Great show. And, I can totally see what you Dad means...