Thursday, March 25, 2010

lessons learned

have learned a few things lately in my oh so exciting life.

when making cupcakes for little boys, ages 8 and 9, 
it doesn't matter if the cupcake liners are color coordinated,
or if the cupcakes are a little overdone.
just trying to get this through my head.

and that herbal tea in the morning isnt really that bad.
even if i drink from the famous portmerion, $25 cup
i got at DI for $1...emma so mad at me because she thought
i should "leave it for some poor person who really cant 
afford portmerion...we can afford to buy that cup, mom."
gotta love that girl.
and the tea is tazo, wild sweet orange, sweetened with stevia.

and yes, the eyeliner nazi mom, has agreed that everyone
needs a little eyeliner once in awhile. i watched eden
put on her makeup for winter formal, she did the eye shadow, then
mascara...then she added a touch of this on the inner part of
her lower lid. made such a big difference.
so, yes, old dogs can learn new tricks, and moms 
can change their minds.

and finally, the dreaded scout shirt i have to wear now
since i hang around 8 year olds once a week.
i swear i will make this fashionable...somehow.
just hope this old school version, in a lovely
shade of pale, pee yellow will suffice.
heaven forbid if they make me wear the tan one.
just not on my color wheel, thank you.
well, to be honest neither is this.

thanks karen for loaning it to me...

shoot me now.


emma johnson said...

i cannot believe they make you wear that shirt!!! it's terrible!!! can i get a pic of you in your cub scout shirt and dad in his scout uniform? it would be real cute.
and with the eyeliner...
do it first, before eye shadow and mascara. and if you really want to be amazed, put it on the top inner lid too, along your lashline. it will make your lashes look a lot fuller, with no harsh line.

Ingrid said...

I have managed to get through 30 years of adult life without that calling, keeping my fingers crossed...but good luck, and if anyone can make that shirt look good, it will be you :)

And Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is my favorite herbal tea. I stopped drinking milk a few years ago, and that tea took the place of my daily chocolate milk. So much healthier! Love reading your blog, I do it daily. I am slacking off a bit on mine, all the traveling. It is a time consuming thing, especially if I post a photo, going through that photo download is a pain when I am away from home.

In VA now, it is spring here and I am having fun with Maddy and her fam. Any travel news for you?

Greg Dowden said...

Do they make you wear those hideous shorts too? I swear they give little moys Manmal-toes (Boy version of Cammel-toes)! LOL! YUCK! SOOOO Uncomfortable!

shawna said...

no, gregory, not made to wear the shorts (thank goodness)...however, i refuse to tuck my shirt in, or wear the kerchief thing. so dont worry...i am sticking with my cute little skirt and a t-shirt underneath, cub shirt left open!! (hope thats a better picture in your mind...)