Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beat em by a hair

we were at mission yesterday for a meet. 
turns out we won by 1/4 of 1/1000 of a second or something like that. 
otherwise known as a hair. 
unfortunately, hunter has realized the blue whale is just 
that in a race...maybe he should be called the 
sinking gigantic very slow blue whale. 
he's working on it, and has a good attitude, 
but all i can say is, glad he has an alternate sport.
and he IS a fantastic cheerleader for his teammates. 

maybe he should have done football after all.

1 comment:

gr8apey said...

i would HATE to see the injuries that come from football...keep him in the water...less damage and GREAT abs!!! can't wait for our road trip...I'm not kidding...check out rachel ashwells blog and search maps or something so you can see what she likes to visit!! soooooo fun!