Friday, March 26, 2010

bagel boycott

so i have been dreaming lately, not of hanging out with hunky men or 
going to school with no clothes on 
(c'mon, you all know what i am talking about)
or getting ready to graduate from high school, and realizing i forgot
to take a class necessary for graduation.
all the while, standing there in my cap and gown.
weird, i know.

anyway, i have been dreaming of 
see, i have officially been without any sort of bread anything 
for almost 2 weeks, and i think i am going to die. 
you know they say after a certain amount of time, 
you get over it? 
uh, no
i would kill for a cinnamon sugar bagel 
with even just a little bit of cream cheese smeared across its warm underbelly. 

 but with that said, i am a woman who does what she says she's gonna do.
so i am bagel free for at least another month. 
wish me luck. 
i need prayers too.
lots of them.


gr8apey said...

um...are you trying to kill yourself. is this bread alltogether? an admitted carb-aholic...i don't think that i could do that?

Jack and Melissa said...

This is your Mom speaking..hang in there & keep a picture of how you looked when you were 22..& that will spur you on. I'm glad you & Melissa are giving it the "old college try"! Love, YOUR MOM

shawna said...

love that my almost 84 year old mom is commenting on my blog, and encouraging me to be who i want to be...even if it seems impossible. she has always been like that with me. thanks mom, i love you!