Tuesday, March 9, 2010

stay out of the water

so i am officially one of tesoros swim team photographers. 
took some fun ones yesterday (ya know, sometimes youre ON, and sometimes youre OFF...well, i was ON yesterday in the photo taking department), at a meet against university...sorry only swim/polo 
moms will get any real pleasure out of looking at these. 
i get it. 
watching half naked kids running around in freezing cold weather isnt for everyone.
im kind of used to it now.
doesnt phase me a bit.
seen it all.
for years.
(maybe i love it cuz it reminds me of when the girls were swimming)

and to all you swimmers out there.
got a little tip for ya... 
dont jump in the water to celebrate a monumental, amazing win until the 
last extremely close, highly anticipated race of the day is completely over. 
tesoro was in the lead by 1 point against this highly ranked team (they came in 2nd in state last year, CIF champs over and over...so i hear). anyway, a tesoro swimmer who will remain nameless (no, it was not hunter-thank goodness-talk about scarred for life) jumped in the water, just as this important race finished (so he thought), to celebrate this incredible win.
there he was, screaming, fists in the air, jumping up and down in the pool...big smile on his face. 

for only one split second.

till the whistle was blown.

till he realized he was the only one celebrating in the water.

silence on deck.

mouths agape.

a couple swear words could be heard.

he disqualified his team.

then pandemonium set in.

so instead of winning by 1 point. 
we lost by 1 point. 
so lesson to be learned...
stay out of the water unless YOU are racing.
and learn the appropriate time to celebrate a phenomenal win.
(i just hope he recovers...)

apparently we have a decent team this year...


Jack and Melissa said...

Oh boy, did these pics & your post bring back some great memories with my swimmers..mainly Jacob. Your photography is incredible..& some memorable lessons learned by Hunter's swim team. You & Hunter make an awesome team! Love you all!

gr8apey said...

hahahahahahahahaha...I'm only laughing because Ian did the same thing, only in basketball and BOY did that scar him. Now he waits until the coach looks right at him and says, "It's ok now, Ian!" I totally know that silence that follows...I can't stop laughing! except sorry that they lost...in basketball they just get a couple free throws...but that could make or break a game! everyone looks freezing!!!

CLAUDINE said...

oh well, the photography is totally amazing...