Thursday, January 21, 2010

yes, that is hail

so while the dogs and i were frantically running from one window to another,
watching the hail crash into the house, and worried the flimsy front
door may actually blow thoughts were on dane.
let me tell you about him.
he is a worry wart.
probably has an anxiety disorder which i havent come to grips with yet.
so all the while i was at home, relatively safe and warm, my mind was on him.
i envisioned him sitting in his classroom, the fierce wind blowing,
the hail pounding on the skylight...and him in tears.
and thats exactly what happened. when i picked him up,
after the storm had passed, where actually a little blue sky
was peeking through the clouds...he told me he cried.
his teacher was out with the children on the sidewalk,
and she looked at me and smiled.
we spoke to each other without having to say a word.
she took care of him, told him it was going to be alright.
and it was.

1 comment:

gr8apey said...

now you have me thinking of poor dane everytime there was lightening last night. good thing it was way past his bed time and hopefully didn't even notice!!