Saturday, January 23, 2010

holy hail

{oops, just a little windy too}

{yes, that would be hail on my hood}

{mission accomplished, saggy balloons and all}

i never thought i would be writing about hail, twice in one week, but here it is.
not a very good time to have anything falling from the sky for that matter when
youre trying to decorate a car.

eden wanted to ask michael munton, her childhood friend, and cutest boy ever, to winter formal.
but it had to be done in a creative way.
we had this great idea to fill up his car with balloons, pieces of
a puzzle inside of them, which when put together would explain who was asking him.
in order to do this though, we had to have his keys.
good thing i had an in.
his mom is my dear friend, so we had the getting in the car problem covered.
michael attends tesoros rival school, mission, so we thought it only appropriate
to decorate his car in tesoro colors (since its a tesoro dance),
and have numerous pictures of the tesoro titan santa claus strewn all over the interior.
such a good idea, until we arrived at
the party store to pick up the balloons, and it is hailing like no ones business.
way to knock the air out of our ingenious idea.
we followed through, got very wet in the process,
and in the end, neither the balloons or the tape were cooperating.
we got er done.

now we are just waiting for his creative response...
the suspense is killing me.


emma johnson said...

all she needs is a beautifully modest dress with beads and tulle and it will be just perfect!!

Tera said...

Eden has gotten so BEAUTIFUL! WOW! You have some knock-out girls!